U.S. Long-Bond Yield AT All-Time Low!!! TAKE PROFITS

The rate on 30-year Treasury Bonds has hit a modern times all-time low and a closely monitored section of the U.S. yield curve have inversion as investors sought shelter amid a fraught geopolitical backdrop. TAKE PROFITS!!

“There’s a lot of concern that negative rates are going to move onto U.S. shores, and that’s driving demand for duration from fixed-income investors who are looking to insulate themselves,” said Mark Heppenstall, chief investment officer for Penn Mutual Asset Management, which has $27 billion under management. And when those assholes want to buy on record lows, I want to sell them some. Remember me? I had you buy them when your asshole broker did not even know what Zeros are. If you did it as instructed you should be holding Zeros as high as 3.5%. No matter what your average is your making money. IF YOU BOUGHT THE TEN YEAR AT 3.5% AS INSTRUCTED, YOUR KICKING ASS THERE AS WELL. So take the freeging money and run!!!! Listen to me, take profits and take the money and RUN!!!

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